Welcome by Mayaco design and publishing studio in Rotterdam. Mayaco is an independent publishing and design studio with over a decade of experience. Commercial enterprises, small companies, freelancers and non-profit organizations are our clients. Mayaco also designs and publishes books on yoga, fitness and condition, health and other relevant topics. Together we make a corporate identity, print materials, webdesign, books and all you desire to get the professional identity for your company.


Why Mayaco design studio?

•    Unique design with many years of experience;
•    Plenty of proposals to choose from;
•    Attractive prices and payment afterwards;
•    Short lines;
•    We deliver the materials print ready or send them to the printing office;
•    You own the copy rights;
•    We are with you all the way, from concept till final design;
•    We work as fast as you like;
•    Discount by designing more materials at once.