We provide the in- and extern visual communication in the form of a new logo, corporate identity, websites, brochures, advertisements, books, folders and more. From small scale to large-scale projects for online and print promotional materials.



We would design an attractive, professional logo, post paper and business cards for your company. The logo needs to express your business and you should feel good about it.



We design all online and print materials, such as:
•    flyers
•    handouts
•    brochures
•    advertisements
•    cards



Mayaco designs and publishes books on yoga, fitness and condition, health and other relevant topics. Would you like to publish a book? We’d be glad to design it. We estimate the costs of the book design in advance. Cover creates the first impression of the book. Presence or absence of an attractive cover can make the different between whether or not your book will be picked up for reading.



Mayaco provides you with an attractive and most convincing website to enhance your marketing goals. We consider your website as a product that must satisfy the demands of the user. Ease-of-use, organization, aesthetics and efficiency must come together to form an elegant solution.